Office Integration

From the cab of the truck - to your back-office suite.

LoadTraxx software has two main parts: the Mobile App and the Back-Office Suite. Seamlessly integrated, these two intuitive components make tasks easier, manage your data more efficiently, and boost your company’s productivity for your business. Let’s go over how most clients use these tools in real-life and the benefits they get from them.

E-ticketing load cycle

Mobile Application

When a dump truck driver begins their shift, they access the LoadTraxx Mobile App via their smartphone or tablet. The interface, thoughtfully designed with simplicity in mind, features intuitive prompts and prominently displayed buttons, guiding drivers through their tasks with ease. From receiving dispatches to hauling and dumping loads, drivers effortlessly record their actions directly within the app. They have the flexibility to specify job details, select locations, material types, and units, all conveniently managed within the application. Drivers can also capture and store load ticket photos, ensuring comprehensive documentation of their activities. Before finishing their day, drivers are presented with a concise summary of their daily loads for review before submitting their work.

Our user-friendly Mobile App stands as a testament to our commitment to driver satisfaction. Dedicated to crafting the ultimate tool for the job, our design team immersed themselves in the daily routines of dump truck drivers, gaining invaluable insights from firsthand experience within the industry.

Back-Office Suite

Within the LoadTraxx Back-Office suite, office personnel seamlessly access a comprehensive overview of operational activities via their desktop or laptop. A dynamic map feature illustrates the real-time locations of all logged-in trucks throughout the day. Dispatchers can efficiently communicate with drivers by sending requests directly through our platform, which drivers promptly receive and respond to via the mobile app. This centralized system ensures all pertinent information is readily available for office staff.

The cornerstone of our solution lies in its provision of real-time data, a distinct advantage over traditional methods. While other companies grapple with delayed access to paper driver logs and cumbersome data entry processes, LoadTraxx users benefit from immediate data utilization. Imagine effortlessly reviewing yesterday’s deliveries and concurrently monitoring today’s activities to ensure optimal performance. This capability empowers proactive decision-making, whether it entails optimizing material management, adjusting fleet allocation, or ensuring timely delivery of requested loads. Such actionable insights are indispensable for daily operations.

Furthermore, real-time data facilitates accurate and timely completion of billing and payroll tasks. By capturing load information directly through the app, businesses eliminate the lag time between job completion and cost assessment. This streamlined approach enhances operational efficiency and enables organizations to maintain precise trucking records.

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