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Our technology enhances dump truck operations by tooling drivers with an intuitive app that in turn powers the extensive data set in our office software, providing insight into your trucking operation like never before.

LoadTraxx App

Ensuring accuracy in load data is crucial. By utilizing the LoadTraxx App directly in the cab of dump trucks, you'll capture the essential data necessary for effectively managing your operations. Designed with driver convenience in mind, this app seamlessly integrates into their daily workflow, eliminating the need for cumbersome paper logs.

LoadTraxx Mobile App Features in Dump Truck Cab

LoadTraxx Load Cycle

LoadTraxx showing Dump Truck Software

Back-Office Suite

Efficiency is key when it comes to accessing accurate data swiftly. Our application enables users to do precisely that. Beyond just keeping up with billing and payroll tasks, you'll gain the ability to compare shifts, jobs, and more, empowering you with enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Improving your everyday tasks with

Streamline your logistics with our integrated solution. Seamlessly dispatch loads from our back-office suite, enabling drivers to track information digitally from the cab. Gain access to comprehensive load data in real-time, empowering you to analyze job and operator performance over time. Plus, effortlessly retrieve compliance data whenever necessary, ensuring efficiency at every step.


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