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LoadTraxx™ simplifies the tracking of short haul load data in the cab while cleaning up the invoicing process in the office. With load data submitted electronically, billing departments no longer have to shuffle through dirty, wrinkled paperwork in order to create invoices.


For each new load, drivers select the customer they’re hauling for. New customers can be quickly added as they come on board to streamline customer management.

Location Selection

Select a starting location from an existing site list or add a new site. Site names and addresses are saved in the app for quick and easy reference.

Material Database

Logging material details for each haul couldn't be easier. In just a few taps, drivers enter the type of material, weight, and units. After selecting their drop location, it’s time to hit the road.

Haul Summaries

A detailed haul summary is created at each drop location. From there, drivers choose to continue hauling for that customer, close out loads and switch customers, or close out for the day.

Synced data. Easier invoicing.

LoadTraxx eliminates the need for coffee-stained trucker paperwork. No more wrinkled paper, messy handwriting, or retyping data.

At the end of each day, drivers simply submit their daily haul summaries via the app which is synced with the Online Dashboard. This new way to manage load data means instant invoices in the office.

Streamline your company’s tracking and billing process for an easier and more efficient way of getting things done.

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What our customers say

  • In 20 years this is the first short haul trucking app that is actually relevant to what we do and easy to use. You guys are so far ahead of your time you don't even know!
    Matt R, Driver at C and R Tractor and Landscape
  • "LoadTraxx changed the way operate. When we introduced the idea of putting technology into our trucks we got some loud negative grumblings but after all our drivers were trained on the Loadtraxx software we got nothing but excited responses. One of my seasoned drivers stated 'Wow! Even I can use this.' This buy-in from all my drivers was huge. LoadTraxx is a real game-changer!"  
    Kyle H, Director of Trucking Operations at C and R Tractor and Landscape