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Dump Truck Technology

What is it?

LoadTraxx is a load tracking software that allows you to collect any and all data needed from dump trucks.

Drivers use a mobile app to enter the data they would normally write on paper. This app is downloaded on a phone or tablet so there is no need to connect directly to the truck. They can track time, locations, material, dispatches, and more.

When load data is needed for billing, payroll, reporting, etc. you can simply log in to your secure back-office application to view it all. This compiles the data you need for accurate invoicing and other reporting. You can also send dispatches through the back-office, notifying the driver on their mobile app. This technology tool keeps all data in one location.

Dump Truck Technology
Dump Truck
Dump Truck

Who is it for?

Excavating. Heavy-civil. Construction. Agriculture. Etc.

Any short-haul trucking company could benefit from using this technology. Whether you are a one truck operation or a large fleet, LoadTraxx can keep track of your trucking data.

Dump Trucks have tracked load data the same way since the beginning, on paper.
We think it’s time for an improvement to this process, with Technology.



Providing Paper Free Load
Tracking Throughout the U.S.

Dump Truck Tracks

Let's dig a little deeper into the capabilities.

Improving your everyday tasks with

Dispatch Loads from
Back-Office Suite

Dump Truck Dispatch


LoadTraxx helps you manage your in-house trucks and their workloads. 

(This is not a load board service.)

Drivers track loads digitally in the cab

Dump Truck Cab

Mobile App

Generationally friendly, easy-to-use mobile app that can be downloaded on any device.

Have complete load data throughout the day

Billing and Payroll for Dump Trucks


LoadTraxx eliminates the need for entering load data in the office. As the driver enters data into the app it is automatically saved in your back-office suite.

Analyze job and driver data over time

LT- tire tracks (3)


With the amount of data LoadTraxx compiles, we are able to create individualized reports that are catered to your company. Whatever you need, the data is there.

Efficiently pull compliance data when needed



All the reports that are needed to ensure your company is running efficiently and in compliance. (Short Haul requirements/not an ELD service)

What our clients say:

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