App Features

Driver load data is tracked and synced in real-time, allowing greater efficiency on the road and in the office. Data is synced with the Online Dashboard, which is fully-customizable to fit your specific reporting needs. 

Increase Driver Efficiency

Simple Billing & Time Tracking

IFTA & DOT Compliant

24/7 Tech Support

Customer Management

For each new load, drivers select the customer they’re hauling for. New customers can be quickly added as they come on board to streamline customer management.

Materials database

Logging material details for each haul couldn’t be easier. In just a few taps, drivers enter the type of material, weight, and units.

truck database

Add a new truck by simply entering the vehicle name. Add additional details to the truck profile including: type of truck, axle count, truck weight, truck year, truck VIN, license state, and plate number.

mileage tracking

After selecting your truck, enter the mileage for automatic tracking. At the end of the day, you’ll enter the ending mileage which is included in the haul summary.

trailer database

Select from an existing trailer list or add a new trailer. Enter details such as trailer name, axel count, trailer weight, trailer year, and license plate number.

loading & backhauling

Choose whether you’re Loading or Backhauling in addition to the start, load, drop and finish locations.

location selection

Select a starting location from an existing site list or add a new site. Site names and addresses are saved in the app for quick and easy reference.

Idle Event

When you’re stuck in traffic or encounter a mechanical problem with your truck, you can start an idle event to pause your load tracking.